Create Superhuman Sales Teams with Conversational AI

Join the AI Revolution to up-level your sales & customer success teams.

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Optimize Sales Performance With Your Best Conversations

Powered by artificial intelligence, Pickle helps refine your sales process by uncovering blind spots and transforming conversations into actionable insights.

Leverage the strengths of your sales team while uniting them with the most robust machine learning algorithms to take your customer management and sales efforts to the next level.


Use Pickle AI to find & understand what works.


Build talk tracks & playbooks.


Implement & track best practices with Pickle.


Close deals & wow customers because you’re superhuman.


The Pickle Magic

Pickle targets your entire sales pipeline, turning conversations into powerful business insights.  How?

We start by transcribing any audio recording into text with 100% fidelity.

From there, Pickle converts every word into a string of binary numbers: pickled data. We then feed the data into our powerful machine learning algorithms that understand your data and extract meaningful insights, which you can leverage to make smarter business decisions.

From audio to insight within minutes: Pickle.

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Business Intelligence Brings Humans & Data Together

With Pickle, you understand customer trends and discover hidden opportunities by turning communication into actionable insights. Make smarter business decisions!

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Maximize your team’s performance by refining your sales pipeline. Understand what makes your A-players great at what they do. Find out ways to connect with your customers, improve your sales ROI, and raise the bar across the team!


Capture and recreate your best sales pitches. Improve retention and conversion rates across the board. Plus, bridge the gap between your business and its customers with the ultimate conversational AI.


Every word holds a world of value for your business. Never again miss on opportunities to grow and expand with the help of Pickle: the smart AI that transcribes all audio files. Instant, reliable and accurate transcription for your sales calls, podcasts, Zoom meetings and more!

About Us

The Pickle Squad is an enthusiastic group of visionaries and gurus who leverage the latest technology for one purpose: to make people Extraordinary..

We believe in a symbiotic fusion between people and artificial intelligence. As sales and customer success teams harness the power of Pickle machine learning and AI, they are much more efficient and agile.

Pickle actively works to disrupt the status quo and lay the foundations of a data-driven future today.

Stop wasting time being in the dark.

Pickle gives you the data and insights to save money and find opportunities.

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