Partnering with AI to connect every element of a Zoom conversation

Productivity on performance enhancing intelligence

Sync your intelligence with AI to augment production


Flag a moment to make a live note; Pickle allows you to be more present in every conversation


Flag a moment to mark any key to-do takeaway


Choose a template call to follow, depending on the type of call, so you don’t miss any key details


From conversation snapshots in dashboard with pins, to prompt questions within templates, to shortcuts, you’ll manage your convo productivity with less brain power

Everything Connected

Imagine taking out your brain and knowing where everything is stored. Boom, that is Pickle. It’s like having a synced second brain that you can better take notes, better create follow-up tasks, and better manage conversations. You’ll remember everything but if you happen to have questions, you have a search engine to find and access everything from previous conversations.

Pickle is so much more than a conversation transcription tool

It’s human meets AI productivity intelligence. It connects, organizes, and remembers every element of a Zoom conversation.

Each conversation you have is raw data. How the data is packaged is actually unimportant. What is really important is to do something with every conversation. For that to happen, process is the most important part, and partnering with Pickle’s AI process intelligently augments your productivity and performance before, during, and after with each conversation.

Stop reviewing calls (and transcripts). Do something with your conversations.

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You on performance enhancing multitasking

You know you need to take better notes to remember every detail. The reality is you’re not good at listening and taking notes at the same time.

Pickle augments your note-taking, tasks, questions, and more so that your brain can be more present with every conversation. This allows you to capture, clarify, and execute at a new level.

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The features behind how Pickle is the new level of intelligence

Smart Notes

Without losing focus on the conversation, flag a moment to make a live note.

Pickle allows you to be more present in every conversation while maximizing your memory and follow-up.


You keep listening; you stay engaged.

Just quickly mark any critical to-do takeaway by leaning on Pickle. With your brain fused with the power of AI, you legit can multitask like a boss.

Smart Templates

Conversations you’re having are different. You likely have a proven, unique flow for how to best do hiring, sales, customer service, quality control, etc.

Choose one of ours, or create your own call-template flow to follow. You can templatize questions to ask, prompts, flags, tasks, and more for each call type so you don’t miss key details.


Without losing focus on the conversation, flag a moment to make a live note.

Pickle allows you to be more present in every conversation while maximizing your memory and follow-up.

PowerSearch TM

Think of it as the search engine for your indexed conversations.

With Pickle PowerSearchTM, it’s like you remember everything from every conversation. All you have to do is search for a keyword or phrase from a particular conversation, type it in, hit search, and boom! Photographic memory... almost.

Audio Transcriptions

Powered by our natural language processing algorithms, Pickle transcribes any audio format into text. But this is only a small part of the magic.

Included with every transcription are all of the crucial little details (augmented notes and tasks) from the conversation you need to remember.

Convo Snapshots

When you need a quick refresh of the conversation, notes, and tasks, do it without having to listen to or reading the whole thing.

It feels like when you did a book report by reading a Cliff Note, but without the cheating.

Team Collaboration

A stakeholder couldn’t make the call? Or a follow-up for another department came up? No sweat. Share critical snapshots or the entire call with the click of a button.

Work like a team. Share like a team. Win as a team.

Sentiment Analysis

Words matter. You can analyze sentiment by the words, whether positive or negative, your customer uses in a single coversation or overall sentiment from all of your interactions with them.

Conversation intelligence is just a buzzword that no one really offered until Pickle.

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The companies who claim to offer conversation intelligence really just offer another way to review phone calls... by reading them. Sounds more like transcription intelli- gence. Meh.

True intelligence makes your life easier. It helps you do your job better.

Pickle is real conversation intelligence with it’s myriad killer features that truly allow you to be more engaged and productive with every conversation.

We’re going places... let’s go together

We’re doing things a little differently, and people have noticed.

While we’re grateful and excited that people love our pickle recipe, our only focus right now is on helping our customers succeed. You might say we’re a little customer obsessed. Let’s obsess over you.

pick•le   |   \ ‘pi-kәl \


noun :   a brine or vinegar solution in which foods are preserved

verb :   to treat, preserve, or clean in or with a pickle

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