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Account Executives

Your sales meeting notes suck

Ours did too. You have ~30 minutes to build a real prospect relationship; but spend half the time looking down to scribble notes, checking mental boxes, & missing deal-winning info.

Focus on the conversation & let Pickle capture every crucial detail.

Some high-growth teams who choose Pickle

Be Your Prospect’s Favorite Rep…Every Deal

Better meetings notes

Better Meetings, Less Notes

Boost sales close rates

Boost Close Rate

Smash sales quota goals

Smash Quota Goals

Strong sales prospect relationships

Stronger Prospect Relationships

Shorten sales cycle

Shorten Sales Cycles

Increase sales productivity

Be More Productive

How Pickle Helps You Sell More

Use templates

Stop copy/pasting agendas before every meeting.

Effortlessly create custom agenda templates. Automatically apply your agenda template & follow along for any specific meeting type.

Pickle Smart Templates for Zoom
Pickle Smart Notes for Zoom
Focused meetings

Focus on the conversation, not scribbling notes & next steps.

Click to time-stamp any important moment of a Zoom meeting. Once the meeting ends, we’ll automatically deliver the recording, top-notch transcripts, and AI-generated insights alongside your time-stamped notes.

Remember everything

Never forget a post-meeting task or follow-up again.

Fire off deal-winning follow-ups in a fraction of the time. Jump to any important moment in the transcript with a simple click on a time-stamped note. Review meeting highlights in seconds, copy/paste ‘em straight to your follow-up email.

Zoom transcription page in Zoom
Pickle Collections for Zoom
Bite-sized sales training

Compress hour-long meetings to 2-minute video summaries.

Stop wasting hours with coaching role-plays. Create & curate micro-training lessons of real conversations with Collections. Provide feedback in recording comments & “highlight reels” for new hires.

Access team knowledge

Easily access best
talk tracks.

Browse, filter, search & find important highlights or entire recordings from your team member’s Zoom meetings. Instantly find & mark any moment in any recording with Markers & Snapshots. Share anywhere the team lives.

Search Zoom recordings with Pickle
Share Zoom recordings with Pickle
Communicate with context

Let leadership & team hear your prospect’s exact words

Connect everyone to the real voice of your prospects & customers with Snapshots. Clip & share any customer feedback across internal teams. Snapshots tell a more powerful story than hearing it third-hand.

How Pickle works

How Pickle Works

What our customers are saying

Melanie LaCombe
Pickle allows me to easily take notes, mark important moments with time-stamps during my meetings, & quickly review those moments to ensure I’ve got the best follow-up material possible.

Active listening is key in sales, Pickle allows me to focus on the conversation while capturing important details to refer to my client's specific comments with confidence.”
Melanie LaCombe
Account Executive
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