Speak your customers’ love language

by listening deeper with conversation intelligence

Optimize performance by integrating Pickle with

Copy & paste your best customer whisperers

Optimize sales performance and customer experiences with your best conversations. Powered by our natural language processing algorithms, the data tells you how to duplicate your best reps to create an army of superhuman sales and customer experience reps.

How Pickle works

from conversation to intelligence in minutes


Audio to text transcription, plus a summary of the conversation


Access data like never before to understand what, why & how


Customize markers to find patterns and track best practices


Close deals, wow loyal customers, raise the roof

How Pickle changes CX forever

from first convo to brand BFFs

Customer Experience

Brand Experience

The Human Element

of customers point to experience as an important factor in purchasing decisions

say a positive brand experience is more influential than great advertising

feel that companies have lost touch with the human element of customer experience

Pickle helps you win more customers + keep them happier for longer

Grow your business by understanding your customers’ every word

Pickle transcribes any audio format into text with high fidelity, then the conversation is summarized for easy viewing.

Forget your gut, theories, guessing, A/B testing, etc. Make smarter business decisions based on the voices that matter the most. This is Business Intelligence.

Data from conversation intelligence is now your new customer advocates

Pickle shows you more than where you are; it’s your performance destination navigator

For Sales Teams

Maximize your team’s performance by refining your value props and how you communicate them to your new customers. Understand the secret sauce that makes your A-players the best at what they do. Insights from your Sales Intelligence will empower your team to connect with better with your customers, raising the bar and boosting sales ROI across the team.

For CX Teams

Minimize friction that may turn off your customers, understanding their problems through a visual lens of powerful data in real-time. Customer Experience Intelligence is key to nailing every single touch point as you build a bullet-proof brand. Watch as you delight customers, converting them to evangelists. Your Net Promoter Score is about to be very happy.

For Strategy Teams

Driven by actionable insights from valuable customer feedback, your management teams can improve product/service offering(s) with tweaks that make sense or pivot to change directions. Your customers are about to be a focus group sounding board with Business Intelligence by Pickle. Every word holds a world of value for your business direction & trajectory.

We’re going places... let’s go together

We’re doing things a little differently, and people have noticed.

While we’re grateful and excited that people love our pickle recipe, our only focus right now is on helping our customers succeed. You might say we’re a little customer obsessed. Let’s obsess over you.

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pick•le   |   \ ‘pi-kәl \


noun :   a brine or vinegar solution in which foods are preserved

verb :   to treat, preserve, or clean in or with a pickle

You  x  Pickle is like Flavortown

from conversation to intelligence in minutes


Ready for loyalty preservation with way extended fresh by date


Our secret brine: actionable data from conversation intelligence

Warning: results may be delectably addictive and habit forming