Stop, collaborate,
& intelligently

to woo + win more customers

Optimize sales performance with
conversation intelligence

The Question

What is conversational intelligence?

The Answer

It’s a deeper understanding of what your customer is saying through AI-powered natural language processing.


Pickle is converstation intellingence

With Pickle, you’ll maximize your team’s performance by refining your value props and how you communicate them to your new customers. Understand the secret sauce that makes your A-players the best at what they do. Insights from your Sales Intelligence will empower your team to connect with better with your customers, raising the bar and boosting sales ROI across the team.

Sales Intelligence

You are smart (or you’re about to be)

Sales Rep

Sales Leadership

Business Strategy

Sales Rep

Amazing live tools to assist you with your video/calIs, then insights to improve your questions, engagement, and yesses from your customers.  

It’s the full package to make you the best version of you as a customer whisperer.

Sales Leadership

Pickle shows you where your reps and team need help and why your super reps are super.

Then with actionable data, you can focus on what you do best even better: training, coaching, mentoring reps to become the superest versions of themselves.

Get ready to celebrate more wins.

Business Strategy

Rely less on your gut, theories, guessing, A/B testing, etc. Make smarter business decisions based on the voices who actually matter most: YOUR CUSTOMERS.

You take the credit in your next boardroom. We’re happy to be your secret recipe for boosted sales performance. Just don’t forget about us in your new big office.

From conversation to sales intel in minutes

Here’s how it works:


Pickle AI translates conversations into actionable insights.


With data, build talk tracks and playbooks to execute better


Coach-up super talent by cloning your A-players & tracking metrics


Close deals, wow loyal customers, raise the roof

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