Pickle does so much

Let’s answer some quick, common questions

What is Pickle?

It’s human meets AI productivity intelligence. It streamlines note taking and follow up tasks, organizes everything, and makes remembering every element of a Zoom conversation a reality.Pickle feels like having a photographic memory, opening your meticulously organized notebook to the exact spot you need everytime.


What kind of Zoom account do I need to have for Pickle?

We highly recommend that you have a Zoom Pro account at least. It's our best integration and your meetings will pull into Pickle automatically. You also have the ability to manually upload.


How long does it take to brine a dill pickle?

Anywhere from 5 days to 3 weeks.


What organization is Pickle best for?

Pickle is a software tool for internal ops, HR, CX, and management teams. Some of our best use cases include Sales reps, Customer Success reps, Marketing, Product, & Founders/Executives.


What’s the best type of Pickle?

Dill pickle spears.


Is Pickle secure?

Secure AF. We take security and privacy very seriously, and we will never sell customer information. Ever!


Who needs a license?

Anyone who has multiple Zoom meetings a day (internal and external) will want a full license. We also provide listening-only licenses for collaborators and leaders who need access to meeting notes and clips, but who don’t need their calls recorded..


Favorite pickle brand in stores?

Grillo dill pickles.


Is Pickle for individuals or teams?

Both. Individuals will find their productivity skyrocket with the ability to game-plan before meetings, take great notes while being present in conversations, and execute tasks/follow-ups all in one place. Teams instantly share notes/clips of any meeting to provide context and powerful collaboration.


How accurate are the transcriptions?

No machine transcription is 100%... but if accuracy is a top priority, you won't find anything better than Pickle. We've made large investments in our post-processing technology to deliver the most accurate and easy-to-read transcripts.


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