Capture & share key moments from Zoom Meetings

Eliminate your sales team’s blind spots, know exactly why you win/lose deals, & boost revenue with Conversation Intelligence.

"You crushed that meeting!" Now clip the highlights, share 'em anywhere, build stronger use-cases & WIN THOSE DEALS.
Pickle capturing & sharing Zoom meetings

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How Pickle Works

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Auto-record Zoom meetings. Add time-stamped notes & follow-up action items in real time with a simple click, so you never miss a crucial detail.

Pickle Smart Notes for Zoom


Get automatic AI-generated summaries, transcripts & notes. Clip & share key moments across the team with Snapshots and Collections.

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Connect & push Zoom meeting notes right to Salesforce seamlessly.

Zoom connects to Salesforce with Pickle
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More closed deals for you. Less "Could've been a Slack" meetings for everyone else.

Meeting Productivity

For Account Executives

Focus on the conversation…not taking every note. We got your back with agenda templates, AI-generated transcripts, & smart notes in one place.

Pickle Smart Templates for Zoom

Team Collaboration

For Teams

Connect every team to your customer’s voice. Collaborate with context by sharing Zoom meeting clips & notes anywhere your team lives.

Share Zoom meetings to CRM

Conversation Intelligence

For Sales Leaders

360° view into what’s working & what’s not. Back-up company direction & sales coaching with data straight from your customer’s voice.

Pickle Collections for Zoom

Meeting Productivity

Stop copy/pasting agendas before every meeting.

Effortlessly create custom agenda templates. Automatically apply your agenda template & follow along for any specific meeting type.

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Pickle Smart Templates for Zoom

Focus on the conversation, not scribbling notes & next steps.

Just click to time-stamp any important moment of a Zoom meeting. Once the meeting ends, we’ll automatically deliver the recording, top-notch transcripts, and AI-generated insights alongside your time-stamped notes.

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Pickle Smart Notes for Zoom

Never forget a post-meeting task or follow-up again.

Fire off deal-winning follow-ups in a fraction of the time. Jump to any important moment in the transcript with a simple click on a time-stamped note. Review meeting highlights in seconds, copy/paste ‘em straight to your follow-up email.

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Re-live Zoom meetings with Pickle

Team Collaboration

Search any Zoom meeting with Pickle

Say goodbye to the cross-team telephone game.

Connect every team to the real voice of your prospects & customers with Snapshots. Clip & share any customer feedback across internal teams. Snapshots tell a more powerful story than hearing it third-hand.

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Search for any Zoom recording with Pickle

Build single source of truth for team knowledge.

Browse, filter, search & find important highlights or entire recordings from team member’s Zoom meetings. Instantly find & mark any moment in an entire transcript with Markers & Snapshots. Share anywhere the team lives.

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Conversation Intelligence

Compress hour-long meetings to 2-minute video summaries.

Stop wasting hours on coaching role-plays. Create & curate micro-training lessons of real conversations with Collections. Provide feedback in recording comments & “highlight reels” for new hires.

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Pickle Collections for Zoom

Leaders know what’s working without joining every meeting.

Spot trends around competitor mentions, feature requests, and anything else you want to track with Markers and AI-generated analysis. Know exactly what customers need & close more deals.

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Zoom meeting analytics with Pickle

Make informed decisions from the data blackbox: your prospect’s voice.

Understand where your sales reps are focused from the AI-generated Smart Notes taken during Zoom meetings. Effortlessly push your team’s crucial conversation inputs to Salesforce.

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Zoom meeting Conversation Intelligence

What our customers are saying

Sabyn Hansen
Pickle has been a major asset. The meeting data & info we've been able to gather from the platform has improved training & quality metrics across the board.

Rep & cross-functional team efficiencies have improved by having meeting recordings readily available & sharable. The transparency that Pickle gives our business is extremely valuable, not to mention their team is amazing.”
Sabyn Hansen
Vice President
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