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The single biggest pain point of cross-department collaboration, and internal ops in general, is miscommunication. Some departments are more organized than others; some take better notes during conversations; each has a processor lack of process. Pickle can streamline your org’s conversation process, augmenting note-taking for every department, organizing every follow up task, syncing all info cross-departments, allowing teams to remember every critical detail from each internal conversation.


Gameplan before meetings

  • Augment your prep before a conversation by selecting from call-flow templates.
  • Select custom template questions that will help guide the conversation.
  • Share with other collaborators who will be on the call to prep them as well.
  • Populate bios and company info.
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Be more present in meetings

  • Stop talking/listening and typing at the same time
  • Instead, mark a moment in a conversation to make an augmented note or task
  • With shortcuts, create better notes and tasks with searchable context to remember everything
  • Manage the conversation and follow-up with less brain power yet more efficiency
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Execute after meetings

  • Remember everything
  • With snapshot markers (notes & tasks), you can quickly return to the convo to review the exact snippet of the conversation where you dropped the pin for context when you need it
  • IntelliSearch anything; Pickle is your search engine for your conversations.
  • Share with other key collaborators who have assigned tasks or couldn’t be on the call.
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