There are great softwares out there, but
Pickle is so much more

Fuse your conversation skills with strategy, organization, workflow, and productivity powered by AI.

How Pickle is different

It’s human meets AI productivity intelligence. It connects, organizes, and remembers every element of a Zoom conversation for you.

You’ll finally be able to do something with your conversations, instead of just reviewing calls (and transcripts).

Some features that separate Pickle from other softwares.


Zoom seamlessly connects and streams directly into Pickle.

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Users can tag specific areas of the conversation to make a note or follow-up task.

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Every note is time- stamped.

This allows users to go back in time and review the conversation like it was yesterday.

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Pickle feels like having a photographic memory.

Open your meticulously organized notebook to the exact spot you need every time.

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So you’ve had a lot of conversations. Now what do you do with all that data?

Customize your dashboard to extract the most important parts so you can better capture, clarify, and execute.

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A stakeholder couldn’t make the call? Or there’s a follow-up for another department that came up? No sweat.

Share critical snapshots or the entire call with the click of a button.

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Gift your team performance enhancing intelligence

Sync your talent’s intelligence with AI to crush production