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July 15, 2020

Elevant and Pickle Partner to Deliver Efficiency

DENVER, CO - Elevant, Inc., and Pickle have entered a strategic partnership that will provide clients with the ability to intelligently and conveniently increase company and building efficiency.

Through this partnership, Elevant and Pickle will work together to provide clients with services that improve their building efficiency while simultaneously increasing sales revenue. Through Elevant's building automation and business intelligence combined with the ability to optimize and pull vital insights from all customer and prospect conversations provided by Pickle, clients can expect an increase in efficiency across the board.

Data driven insights are critical in today's world, and the implementation of data-based decision making is increasing profits and improving workplace success across sales and operations departments.

About Elevant, Inc.

Elevant creates environments for people, businesses, and buildings to thrive. Too often, sustainability is regarded as a cost of business. The truth is, energy efficiency is an engine that powers business forward. Elevant leverages state of the art design-build and service methodologies, delivering superior and totally unique service and value within the efficiency space.

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About Pickle

The Pickle squad leverages the latest artificial intelligence technology for one purpose: to make people extraordinary. Harnessing conversation intelligence, we refine your sales and customer success process by uncovering blind spots and transforming conversations into actionable insights. Leverage the strengths of your sales/customer success team while uniting them through robust machine learning algorithms to take your customer management and sales efforts to the next level.

Pickle actively works to disrupt the status quo and lay the foundations of a data-driven future today.

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