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December 20, 2021

Compile, playback & share Zoom clips with Pickle Collections

Compile, playback & share Zoom recording clips across your team with Pickle Collections

Pickle Collections - an easy way to compile & share important clips from your Zoom recordings with anyone.

Every company is dependent upon communication to grow. Unfortunately, sharing what was discussed in a meeting with other people and teams is not always immediate or accurate.

Just like as a kid, the telephone game can change reality into fiction after passing through a couple of people.

Introducing Pickle Collections: preserving clips from previous meeting recordings and making it a breeze to share across the team without losing clarity.

Key Features in Collections

Add Snapshots with ease

Snapshots can be added easily from any recording transcript in Pickle!

Grab your favorite training moments or product conversations across a few meetings and add them to a Collection on the spot.

Add snapshots to Collections
Add snapshots to Collections

Play all

Play every snapshot you've added back-to-back. Similar to an Instagram story but for every important moment your team had in customer meetings.

Playing Pickle Collections
Playing Pickle Collections


Send any snapshot or the whole collection across the team or outside the company with a simple link in Pickle.

Anyone with the link can open up the recording and view the snapshots or see that specific Pickle collection.

Share collections with a link
Share Collections with a link

Who Benefits from Collections?

They are particularity useful for teams that either have a lot of, or need access to, in-depth meetings with customers & prospects. Like sales, customer success, product, and marketing.

Pickle Collections are perfect for:

  • Sales & Customer Success training: compile best practices around running great meetings. Show how to or how not to respond to specific questions. Make sure any strategies you implemented are working.
  • Product roadmaps: hear directly from the voice of your customers. Prioritize any aspects of your product roadmap. Gain clarity on what needs to roll out ASAP and what can wait.
  • Marketing ideas: keep a pulse on what your customers want, the pains you're solving, and use the exact language they speak in your copy.
Pickle Collections

Start building Collections today!

Pickle customers can start building Collections immediately. First, create a snapshot in a Pickle recording by highlighting a part of the transcript and clicking their "camera" icon. Once a snapshot is created, click on the three dots on the left-hand side of it, then move to "Add to collection". Check the box you want to add the snapshot to and it will appear there.

Check out our Pickle support article for more information, and start using Collections in your account here. Not a Pickle user yet? Contact our team to get started today!

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