Product Updates

April 26, 2022

Find Recordings Instantly with Pickle Library

Pickle Library

“Like finding a needle in a haystack” - a phrase synonymous with something difficult to find.

While the origins of losing that needle made literal sense back then, not many are diving into hay piles these days.

However, in the data-driven business world today, this phrase takes on new life. Especially the remote work renaissance.

With most customer-facing teams meeting over Zoom, recording those conversations was a natural next step.

With meeting recordings constantly pulling in, it’s impossible to find keys moment in the “haystack” (or distant back-room server) without a powerful search.

Enter: Library. Pickle’s next-level recording search engine.

Key Updates

Lightning Fast Results

Find that key meeting moment out of hundreds of before counting “1 Mississippi”.

Out of fear of getting too technical here, we took our classic, reliable engine & and boosted it with Tesla-level speed.

Pickle Library
Pickle Library

At-a-Glance Details

See crucial details of any meeting before clicking into the recording page. Know who was involved, notes & clips included, keywords mentioned, etc.

Pickle Recording Details
Pickle Recording Details

Robust Filtering

Drill down to specifics with our re-vamped filtering system. Sort & search by custom tags, emotional sentiment, meeting notes, and more.

Pickle Library Filters
Pickle Library Filters

Personal & Team Recordings Toggle

Control views to just your personal recordings or the rest of the team with a simple click.

Personal & Team Recording Toggle
Personal & Team Recording Toggle

Who benefits from Library?

Account Executives

Got a follow-up meeting coming when you have spoken in months? Find every past meeting in an instant & get caught up to speed.

Sales Leaders

Looking to build a robust Collection of recordings with specific competitor mentions? Filter for that competitor & surface those conversations.

Marketing & Product teams

Search for specific phrases & product mentions in seconds. Update your product roadmap & website copy accordingly.

Find key moments with Library

Pickle customers can start using Library immediately. Navigate the sidebar & click on the “Library” tab to get searchin’!

Check out our support article for more information and start using Library in your account here.

Not a Pickle user yet? Connect with our team to get started today!

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