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January 25, 2022

Pickle raises $2.4M to build conversation intelligence for SMB sales teams

Pickle's co-founders: Birch Eve & Kaumana Rindlisbacher
Pickle's co-founders: Birch Eve & Kaumana Rindlisbacher

We are proud & humbled to announce that Pickle has closed a $2.4 million seed funding round! The goal is to exponentially grow our augmented conversation intelligence platform.

This funding round was made a reality by our partners at Peak Capital, Tamarak, Panoramic Ventures, Y Combinator and several amazing angel investors which include Todd Pederson & Alex Dunn.

“We are excited to partner with Birch and the Pickle team,” said Jeff Danley, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Peak Capital. “They have the right plan and vision to disrupt the Conversation Intelligence industry and provide tremendous value to organizations across the world.”

How we got here

Since founding Pickle in 2020 (seriously…we started when everyone was shutting down), our mission is to help people build more meaningful relationships through augmented intelligence.

The original founding team put this concept into action in those unpredictable times. With the boom of remote work & Zoom meetings, SMB companies & teams found their day-to-day permanently altered.  

The struggle to build/maintain strong relationships with customers and colleagues became real with constant distractions & juggling multiple tools just to prep before any meeting, take notes during, and follow-up afterward.

We created a solution rooted in augmented intelligence.

Navigating a recording in Pickle

Pickle captures, retains, & delivers insights from the millions of crucial data points happening in their team’s sales meetings on Zoom daily.

Providing sales leaders with relationship-focused data to make informed decisions & the visibility needed to be everywhere at once, without breaking their annual budget.

The platform helps sales reps focus on building lasting relationships; not frantically writing down every note, task, & next step out of fear something slipping through the cracks.

We make their Zoom meetings collaborative & actionable by recording, transcribing, and instantly sharing highlights across the team.

Since the official launch, our rockstar team has quadrupled in size.

We were accepted into Y Combinator (W21) in January 2021. And most importantly, we’ve built a base of incredible companies who have become partners as much as customers; helping their teams maintain strong customer relationships, while saving hours a day with AI-powered conversation intelligence.

Pickle Collections

How is Pickle different?

We’re different because our foundation is focused on (see: obsessed with) the end-user (sales rep), while benefiting sales leaders & the team as whole.

Pickle enriches the experience of building lasting relationships via Zoom meetings for sales teams, while connecting the entire organization through an AI-generated collaborative environment & capturing relationship-focused data; enabling every sales leader to make informed, data-driven decisions where they already live.

Where we’re going

This strategic seed round will help us continue building our foundation and create a path for aggressive growth throughout 2022.

Our development, sales, & marketing teams will receive a boost with additional team members and resources.

Core integrations & functionality will continue to be refined. Making the customer experience better than ever.

If you or someone you know is looking to break into the tech industry or wanting to help build something alongside an incredible team, we’d love to have them join the rocket ship!

We appreciate you!

Truly grateful for all the hard work our team has put in & and the culture we have built.

We wouldn’t be where we are today without the love & support from our amazing customers, investors, and the awesome Utah-based startup community.

To everyone who has helped us get to this moment and will continue to push us into the next phase — thank you!

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