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May 18, 2023

Log Calls in Salesforce Automatically (How to)

“If it’s not in Salesforce, it never happened!”

- overwhelmed sales leader

We’ve all been there. It’s 4:31 p.m. You just wrapped up your 5th sales demo today.

Now you’re staring at the pile of next steps you must enter into Salesforce by 5pm.

Let’s face it: you’ll be late for whatever you had planned at 6. So go ahead & text your people.

Even the highly efficient sales reps who log notes immediately after every meeting still find 64% of their time consumed by non-sales activities like call logging.

So what’s the solution? Automate call logging in Salesforce & really any other CRM.

Did you log that call in salesforce? meme

Automate Salesforce Call Logging

No, there’s not some Chat-GPT personal assistant taking notes for you (yet).

But you can get:

  • Meeting notes/clips
  • AI-generated summaries
  • Participant details and more!

And push them straight to your Salesforce contact records or opportunities with time-stamped links that take you back to that moment in the meeting.

How? Follow these three simple steps to log calls in Salesforce using Pickle automatically:

  1. Set up Pickle
  2. Connect Pickle to Salesforce
  3. Push Call Data to Salesforce

1. Set up Pickle

Pickle empowers you to capture, analyze, & share key moments in any sales meeting.

With our native Salesforce integration, you can push those key moments to any relevant record.

To start, go to & sign up. We can help you & your team get set up in 5 minutes.

How to sign up for Pickle AI

2. Connect Pickle to Salesforce

Once you're in Pickle, connecting Salesforce is a breeze.

Go to Settings > Integrations > click “Connect” on the Salesforce tab.

You will then authenticate the connection & work with your Salesforce admin to customize.

Connecting Salesforce to Pickle integration

3. Push Call Data to Salesforce

Every time you end a Zoom meeting with a contact or lead, the activity event will be logged in the relevant Salesforce records.

Including the meeting title, participant info, a custom description, an AI-enhanced summary, your meeting notes, & links to specific clips you made.

Here’s one of our actual meeting events:

Meeting notes from Pickle pushed to Salesforce automatically


Now your meeting data is always accurate & up to date in Salesforce; while enabling your team to get back to what they do best: selling.

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