June 29, 2020

SDR Onboarding: Getting the Meeting

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Getting the Meeting

In this 3-part series, SDR Onboarding: Mastering the Cold Call, we are discussing how using a sharable cold call conversation tree can help make SDR onboarding quicker and easier and be used to share SDR best practices. If you missed them, make sure you check out SDR Onboarding: Getting past the Gatekeeper and The Perfect Pitch.

Once a Sales Development Representative (SDR) has gotten to the decision-maker (DM), dealt with any initial objections, and hooked the DM with their intro and quick pitch, it is time to request a meeting to start the buying journey. Just like the rest of this cold call conversation tree, once a meeting is requested, an SDR will hear a version of one of the following answers:

  • Hang Up – The key to being a great SDR is persistence and resilience. You’ll get the next one!
  • Objection – If the DM objects, address the concern and get back to the meeting request. The key is to LISTEN. Then rephrase the objection into a question using the same key words, this will open it up for dialogue to truly understand the reason for the push back.    
  • “Send Me an Email” – These days, this can be the same as an objection. By asking a simple question like, “what information would you like to see in an email?” SDRs can determine if the DM really is interested or if they are just politely blowing you off.
  • “Tell Me More” – This isn’t a blow-off, this is an opportunity to pivot from your short pitch to your long pitch and really sell the DM on the purpose of your call. Once you’ve finished, request a meeting again!
  • “Yes!” – Schedule that meeting and use it to further qualify the lead if necessary and start forming a partnership!

Each of these answers to a meeting request is more than just a conversational gambit. It is hard data that your organization can use to create SDR best practices.

With Pickle, your company can harness the power of AI to turn these conversations into insights and use that data to constantly improve your scripting, tactics, objection handling, and more for your SDRs.

These SDRs are the lifeblood of your sales organization and working with Pickle to harness the power of AI to support and develop them the best you can pay dividends for your company’s bottom line and its future. Contact Pickle today to book a product tour to see how these powerful AI solutions can benefit you.

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