June 15, 2020

SDR Onboarding: The Perfect Pitch

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The Perfect Pitch

In this 3-part series, SDR Onboarding: Mastering the Cold Call, we are discussing how using a sharable cold call conversation tree can help make SDR onboarding quicker and easier and be used to share SDR best practices. If you missed it, make sure you check out SDR Onboarding: Getting past the Gatekeeper

Once the Sales Development Representative (SDR) has used the cold call tree to navigate an IVR Tree, Operator, Gatekeeper, or Influencer, it is time to make your pitch to the Decision Maker (DM). The perfect pitch involves 3 or 4 stages, depending on the quality of the lead. Every time an SDR in your organization pitches a DM and has a conversation – whether it is a success or a failure – there is valuable data being generated that can be used to create future SDR best practices. Your prospects and current customers will give you endless insight if you choose to listen.

The 3 (or 4) stages of the Decision Maker conversations are:

  • Intro – Hook your prospects attention with a clear and concise introduction. It can lead to an objection or even a hang-up but if it keeps them on the line, move to stage 2. More than likely they will ask "what company is this?" after your intro. Just politely repeat and move on.
  • Quick Pitch – Once you have got your prospect hooked with your intro, now is the time to drop your pitch and really get into the "why them/why now" reason for the call.
  • Qualifying Question/Address Objections – You may not need this step depending on the quality of your call list but after you hooked the prospect with your quick pitch, you can qualify them further to make sure they are a great fit and handle any objections that will come up.
  • Request a meeting – Once qualified, it's time to set up the real meeting and really dive into their wants/needs!

With Pickle, you can leverage AI technology in order to collect and analyze all the SDR calls your organization generates. You can then turn these conversations into data, the data into insights, and the insights into SDR best practices which will help you develop more effective intros, quick pitches, objection handlers, and qualifying questions. Contact Pickle today to book a free demo to see how these powerful AI solutions can benefit you.

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