December 7, 2021

Transcribe Your Zoom Meetings Today (How-to)

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We've become Zoom-bies

Why do I need to transcribe Zoom recordings? have 7 back-to-back Zoom meetings coming up.

You're excited to connect with prospects, customers, and teammates. But the after-work deciphering of your chicken-scratch notes & racking the brain to recall everything you promised to follow up on sounds like torture.

Don't're not alone.

Most Zoom's are packed with crucial information and next steps. When the meeting ends, we tell ourselves "I'll remember that" and write down a couple words on a notepad...

All that important info is lost the moment we hop on the next meeting or move to the next task.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Do we hate the idea of making life easier on ourselves?

There has to be a better way available...

What Smart Teams are Doing

Work smarter, not harder is a mantra that should be universally adopted.

To address Zoom fatigue and meeting overload, top teams realized the importance of capturing Zoom meetings in a recording.

They take it a step further by having a transcript produced automatically. This way they can access the conversation afterward to identify and take action on the most important content.

However, even the smart teams were initially playing whack-a-mole by creating more problems with their solution to the meeting recall issue.

What do I mean by this?

They would record their Zoom calls. Then send the audio/video file to a transcription service and then had to wait for hours, sometimes days, to get a transcript back. This gets expensive and wastes valuable time.

Luckily, those dark days are over.

Zoom meeting transcription has been taken to the next level with Pickle.

What the heck is Pickle? We make it simple to record, transcribe, and surface any important Zoom meeting moment instantly.

How to Transcribe Zoom Recordings

Step 1: Sign up for a Pickle account

Head to the Pickle App in the Zoom App Marketplace & get set up with an account.

AI Smart Notes by Pickle Zoom App

Step 2: Connect Zoom

Connect Zoom and start pulling new recordings into the platform automatically.

Connect Zoom to Pickle

Step 3: Transcribe Zoom Meeting

We start by automatically transcribing your Zoom audio and video recording. Depending on the recording length, this process takes a couple of minutes. Then we generate a recording page to easily review.

Your Zoom meetings will say "LIVE on <your company> (Private)". Ours says "Pickle"...for obvious reasons.

Automatically record your Zoom meetings with Pickle

Upload from Zoom Cloud

If you have previous recordings in your Zoom Cloud, you can send the cloud recordings to your computer and upload them to Pickle. An audio transcript will be provided alongside the recording.

Uploading a Recording to Transcribe

Can Zoom audio be transcribed?

Yep! Any Zoom audio cloud recording you have can be uploaded to Pickle. You will receive an audio transcript immediately.

How to navigate the transcript?

No one has time to watch an entire recorded Zoom meeting or read an entire transcription (and even if you sucks).

Every word in a Pickle transcription is click-to-play. Is there a specific part of that hour long recording you need to hear? Click on any word in that section and the transcript / video starts playing from that spot.

Zoom Transcription in Pickle
Zoom Transcription in Pickle

How to save & share Snapshots of a transcript?

Simply choose and highlight the text portion of the section you want. Click the Snapshot option (camera icon). A text box will open; enabling you to create and edit your Snapshot title.

Once you hit "Create", the Snapshot will add to the list on the right side of the screen. This enables you to click & jump right to the specific section.

Share Snapshot audio transcript and video recordings with anyone using a quick link.

Share any Snapshot with the click of a button

How can you download a transcription?

Choose the recording transcript you want. Click the drop-down menu next to "Share". Select the "Download" option.

Download Transcript & Recording
Download Transcript & Recording

Can Pickle only do Zoom Transcription?

While Zoom is our best integration, we can also provide a transcript of any audio and video recording through our Upload service.

Upload Any Recording

Pickle can turn any recording (audio and video) into a transcript.

Supported file types to record meeting include:

MP3, MP4, Flv, WMV, avi, MPEG, m4a, MOV, mpg, WebM, 3GP

Google Meet & Microsoft Teams Transcripts

Want transcripts for Google Meet or Microsoft Teams? We got you!

Pickle is not able to directly record audio or video for either one yet. However, you can upload those recordings and use them in the same way as a Zoom recording.

Step 1

Click the recording button when you start a Google Meet or MS Teams meeting.

Step 2

After the meeting ends, the recording will save to cloud storage. Find the cloud recording and download the audio / video file from the cloud.

Step 3

Grab the recording and use Pickle's upload feature to caption the cloud recording.

Get started with Pickle today and never miss an important Zoom moment again!

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