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How Pickle Helps The Sales Grind

Pickle lets me focus on being present in my meetings. Instead of trying to remember every question I need to ask and jotting down notes on the fly, I can use Pickle to supercharge my conversations.”
Mitch Pangallo
Growth Manager
Mitch Pangallo

Mitch loves having stress-free conversations, while Pickle captures the key moments.

Pickle Smart Notes for Zoom

Melanie time-stamped notes allow her to be a more Active Listener with clients.

Pickle Smart Templates for Zoom
Active listening is key in sales, Pickle allows me to focus on the conversation while capturing important details to refer to my client's specific comments with confidence."
Melanie LaCombe
Account Executive
Melanie LaCombe
Over the past seven years I’ve tested more than a dozen automated note taking apps. Now, as I approach my one year Pickle-versary, this will be the longest I've ever stuck with a single app. Pickle has now joined me for nearly 600 zoom calls. I'm a big fan, and I'm excited to be along for the ride!”
David Staley
David Staley

David’s ability to instantly jump to any note taken in a recording was a game-changer.

Zoom transcription page with Pickle

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