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How Pickle Keeps Customers at Center Stage

Pickle has been a major asset. Rep & cross-functional team efficiencies have improved by having meeting recordings readily available & sharable. The transparency that Pickle gives our business is extremely valuable, not to mention their team is amazing.”
Sabyn Hansen
Vice President
Sabyn Hansen

Sabyn loves the ability to share key customer moments across the company with clear context.

Share Zoom recordings with Pickle

Jared saves hours a week with onboarding & training using Collections.

Pickle Collections for Zoom
Pickle has changed the way our sales team operates with prospects & customers.
As a user, it’s fantastic to take live notes, share “snapshots” with our technical teams, & create collections for sales training and testimonials.”
Jared Herman
Director of Sales
Jared Herman
Pickle has given us the ability to drive strategy based on customer insights. Every leadership meeting there’s another ‘Pickle’ to discuss.”
David Horesh
David Horesh

David uses relationship-data from customer recordings to make key strategy decisions.

Conversation Intelligence with Pickle

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