Automated Meeting Summaries

Short meeting descriptions > scribbled notes

Pickle condenses long transcripts into automated meeting summaries. Like ChatGPT, ask the AI-enhanced Pickle Chat questions about the meeting & get instant answers.
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Amanda V. Pickle Customer Review5 star review
Amanda V. – VP of Operations
Pickle is invaluable to tracking details of client implementations
“With a day full of back-to-back meetings, I don't think I could keep everything straight without Pickle. My conversations are searchable & timestamped notes help me quickly catch up on where I left off.”
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Christion E. Pickle Customer Review5 star review
Christion E. – Account Executive
Another CI tool?
“As a former user of all the big names in the space, Pickle is the most beneficial for front-line sellers, without a doubt. A must-have for any team at a price that doesn't break the bank.”
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Austen S. Pickle Customer Review5 star review
Austen S. – Account Executive
Current Pickle AI user
“Prior to Pickle, we were taking notes in different places; on paper, in Apple notes, Word Docs, etc. Very hard to get the team on the same page. Now have a centralized place to listen back, mark key quotes, & uncover interesting things we missed.”
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Pickle Customer Review Image5 star review
Jeanna H. – Account Executive
Pickle is the way
“Pickle gives me the opportunity to go back to a meeting and teach me what I can fix for my next call. It's simple to say this is a significant benefit & makes me better. Pickle sets a high bar all other meeting tools.”
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Pickle Customer Review Image5 star review
Riley S. – Account Executive
How did we waste so much time before using Pickle?
“Pickle saves me 2 hours a day, at least. I can skip directly to the parts of the meetings that I need to without any guess work or wasted time.”
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Pickle Customer Review Image5 star review
Nomi S. – Account Executive
Pickle makes it impossible to miss the details
“Our small staff wears many hats. Sometimes we miss details of what folks say in every meeting, but with Pickle, we easily solve that issue. I can share the Pickle link with customers to review later with peers who weren't able to attend.”
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Pickle Customer Review Image5 star review
Frank R. – VP of Sales
Easy to use, fantastic service, straightforward sales productivity tool
“I love the ease of use & the simplicity of the platform. I have used others like it, but they tend to overcomplicate things. Not Pickle. The transcription is better than others I have used as well.”
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Pickle Customer Review Image5 star review
Cana W. – Recruiting Manager
Pickle makes my work life easy
“Pickle saves me time. I don't have to send redundant emails. I can share meetings with team members who were absent. I can listen to a call if I was double booked. Seriously, so happy about the product!”
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Pickle Customer Review Image5 star review
Rachel K. – Account Executive
Great product with an even better team behind it!
“Pickle’s functionality is awesome. They’re always enhancing the app with features/new integrations /etc. Every time I log in, I see a new improvement. The team is also INCREDIBLY responsive to everything I ask.”
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Pickle Customer Review Image5 star review
Tanner L. – Account Executive
Great platform and even better team
“Pickle makes it easy to record calls, take notes, & build a training library for my team. I've built three early stage sales teams. I've had Pickle for the last two & wish I would've had it for the first. Pickle should be one of the first purchases for your tech stack”
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Why Pickle for your AI Meeting Summary tool?

Pickle’s automated meeting summary software eliminates the pain of reading an entire transcript or listening to a 30-minute meeting.

Get the important details in seconds & ask Pickle Chat for any specific AI-enhanced details.

High-growth teams using Pickle daily

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Connect Pickle everywhere you live

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Collect training moments
Don't clone reps; clone process instead
  • Every rep can shine as an individual within your sales process.
  • Build a custom sales call library with Pickle’s call transcription software.
  • Collections of summaries, clips & highlights will help with deal strategy, one on one coaching, & new hire onboarding.
“Pickle allows me to get a complete picture of ‘how a meeting went’. So that I can better help my team as the sales process continues.”

Cole S. – Sales Team Leader
AI-Powered Search
Get answers, not more questions
  • No more deciphering notes & panic scrolling for that Zoom demo months ago.
  • Filter & search across the entire team's Zoom calls to find key moments instantly.
  • If it’s in the Zoom call transcript or automated summary, you can find it easily.
"We now have a centralized place to listen back to calls. Marking key quotes & uncovering interesting things that we would've missed had we not had Pickle turned on.”

Austen S. – Account Executive
Meeting Note Automation
Remember everything
  • Let your reps do what they do best: sell.
  • Automate the rest with Pickle’s Zoom call transcription & automated meeting summaries.
  • We capture the notes & key moments. Reps can focus on the conversation & moving deals forward.
“Pickle is a game-changer for sharing customer insights with non-customer facing teams in the company.”

David H. – Marketing Leader
Automatic CRM Updates
No more “Did you update Salesforce?”
  • Reps can get back to selling.
  • Pickle’s Zoom integration pushes meeting summaries, notes, & clip links
  • Pushing them to Salesforce & other CRM software automatically.
“Pickle helps us focus on connecting with our customers and teammates.”

Brandy T. – VP of Operations
Direct access to co-founders
You’re a friend, not a metric
  • Got a question? Get a response from a co-founder in ~37 seconds.
  • We will fly out to you with a house warming plant, if needed.
  • Kidding…but seriously…we would.
"The response time from the team is incredible. I don't think I've waited for more than 2–3 minutes for a response. Most of the time I'm the bug, not the system.”

Tanner L. – Account Executive

How does Pickle’s Automated Meeting Summary Tool work?

The setup takes 5 minutes. Literally.

Step 1
Pickle connects to your team's Zoom accounts & calendars. Recording & transcribing every meeting.
Step 2
Using AI, Pickle analyzes & summarizes Zoom call transcripts. Automatically summarizing key moments to increase deal win rates & improve training.
Step 3
Pickle connects to your CRM (Salesforce, HubSpot, etc.) & pushing meeting details, notes, & clips anywhere your team lives.
Christion E. – Account Executive
“It has all of the fancy bells and whistles you NEED and none you don't. Slick UI/UX that’s easy to learn and a smooth onboarding process.”
Christion E. Pickle Customer Review

Automated Meeting Summary FAQs

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