Outlook Calendar Integration in Pickle
Office 365 Outlook Calendar Integration

Automatically record meetings on your Outlook Calendar

No more "I wish I recorded that Zoom meeting!" We got you.
Sync Pickle & your Outlook Calendar.
We will automatically join, record, transcribe, & analyze your sales meetings.

How Pickle works

How Pickle Works

What our customers are saying

Melanie LaCombe
Pickle allows me to easily take notes, mark important moments with time-stamps during my meetings, & quickly review those moments. Ensuring I’ve got the best follow-up material possible.”
Melanie LaCombe
Account Executive

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Easy sync

Connect Pickle to Outlook Calendar in two clicks.

For real...with two clicks you can connect Outlook Calendar & Zoom to Pickle to create a complete meeting event experience. Join any Zoom meeting on the calendar instantly.

Connecting Google Calendar to Pickle in one click.
Prepare topics & notes for your Zoom meetings in Pickle.

Game plan for every meeting.

It's never a good idea to wing anything...especially sales meetings. Prepare for anything with Pregame. Pull participant details from the Outlook Calendar invite, create a meeting agenda for your team to see. Link documents, LinkedIn profiles, or anything you need.

Focused meetings

Focus on the conversation, not scribbling notes & next steps.

Click to mark any key moment of a meeting. Once the Zoom ends, we’ll deliver the recording, participant info, a top-notch transcript, and AI-generated insights alongside your time-stamped notes.

Pickle AI Smart Notes for Zoom
Re-live Zoom meetings in seconds with Pickle
Remember everyone

Never forget a post-meeting task or follow-up again.

"Who did I meet with again?" Simply search by participants & company. Remember any meeting with ease. Just closed a deal? Give your team a chance to review every conversation.


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