Intelligence Out of Conversations

Know what happens on all your communication channels with brilliant Dashboards, AI PowerSearch™ and tailor-made Reports.

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Fast Snapshots and Simple Drill-downs

Save hours trying to discover how your teams are doing. With Pickle, you never waste time searching through hundreds of call recordings and transcripts. The Conversation Dashboard has the high-level snapshot you need. 

Also, our Conversation Intelligence conveniently reviews millions of words and data points delivering usable, unique insights. You get to savor clear Dashboard summaries and only dig deeper when you'd like.

Get accurate answers to your questions and challenges.

Top Objections
Competitor Mentions
Compare Reps
Team Performance
Filler Words
Engagement Rankings

Solve the Data Dilemma

Managers need to know what is going on, but without recognizing what's happening, they can't begin to consume the massive quantity of data available. All the information in the world is useless without direction.

Based on your conversations, Pickle knows the right questions managers should ask.

We spoon-feed the data before users even know what's on the menu.  You know what people are talking about and have the AI tools to explore all the details.

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Conversation Intelligence

Easily get a handle on your team’s performance with leading metrics such as keywords and conversation topics.

The Pickle Dashboard is a roll-up of the most important findings from calls. Enjoy bite-sized charts and graphs that give managers instant understanding.

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When you need to dig deeper, the Pickle PowerSearch™ is a straightforward, agile interference. Ask any question, and Pickle AI will find the answers and data to support decisions. 

Database of all your calls

Easily access every single conversation from every channel. Pickle saves your recordings indefinitely.  Trend analysis and comparisons are some of the most robust and reliable in the industry.

Analyze and preserve conversations from all sources, including videos on Zoom, calls on Outreach, and inbound receiving communication on RingCentral.

Percentage of calls with next steps

Know how many of your calls produce the all-important next step.

  • Did your SDRs schedule a demo?
  • Is the account executive sending a proposal?
  • Will there be another meeting?


At Pickle, we know the power of conversations. If you have a specific need, we have a range of approaches for diverse business models. Call us, and we’ll make it work. We are:

  • Flexible
  • Dynamic
  • Friendly

Analytics for All

Pickle is for companies who communicate. We help sales and customer success groups of every size with AI tools and insights for everyone. Whether you are a start-up or have 100s of sales pros., we’re in this together!

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