Pickle People Program

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Earn up to $225 in cash & sweet swag for every referral. Talk about a win-win-win situation!

Pickle capturing & sharing Zoom meetings

How can I share Pickle & earn?

How can I share Pickle & earn?

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Complete our little form to create your portal.

Refer Friends

Share your referral link with friends to schedule a demo.

Get rewarded

Earn $25 (Bezos Bucks) after your friend holds a qualified* meeting.

Hit bonus

Get $200 in cash & swag once your friend becomes a customer.

*So what’s the catch?

  • Your friend must work for a company in the software or internet industry.

  • Your friend's company must have an inside sales team using Zoom.

  • Your friend must manage the sales team or be a decision-maker for new tools.