Pickle capturing & sharing Zoom meetings
Sales Leaders

Stop relying on
“How’d your meeting go?”
in 1-on-1’s

Your rep responds: “It went well! They’re ready to sign.” But the prospect goes with the competition & you have no idea why.

Know which pipeline deals are real & dig deeper into sales conversations with Pickle.

Some high-growth teams who choose Pickle

10x Rep Productivity & Boost Revenue

Boost sales close rate

Boost Close Rate

Smash sales quota goals

Smash Quota Goals

Decrease sales rep turnover

Decrease Rep Turnover

Shorten sales cycle

Shorten Sales Cycles

Increase customer retention

Increase Customer Retention

Guide team productivity

Guide Team Proactively

How Pickle Helps Your Sales Team

True Visibility

Know what’s working for reps without joining every meeting.

Spot trends around competitor mentions, feature requests, and anything else you want to track with Markers and AI-generated analysis. Know exactly what customers need & close more deals.

Zoom meeting analytics with Pickle
Pickle Collections for Zoom
Bite-sized sales training

Compress hour-long meetings to 2-minute video summaries.

Stop wasting hours on coaching role-plays. Create & curate micro-training lessons of real conversations with Collections. Provide feedback in recording comments & “highlight reels” for new hires.

Build team knowledge

Build single source
of truth for team knowledge.

Browse, filter, search & find important highlights or entire recordings from team member’s Zoom meetings. Instantly find & mark any moment in an entire transcript with Markers & Snapshots. Share anywhere the team lives.

Search for Zoom recording with Pickle
Share Zoom meeting notes with Pickle
Communicate with context

Say goodbye to the cross-department telephone game.

Connect every team to the real voice of your prospects & customers with Snapshots. Clip & share any customer feedback across internal teams. Snapshots tell a more powerful story than hearing it third-hand.

Relationship-focused data

Make informed decisions from the data blackbox: your prospect’s voice.

Understand where your sales reps are focused from the AI-generated Smart Notes taken during Zoom meetings. Effortlessly push your team’s crucial conversation inputs to Salesforce for more accurate pipeline reporting.

Conversation Intelligence with Pickle

How Pickle works

How Pickle Works

What our customers are saying

Jared Herman
Pickle has changed the way our sales team operates with prospects & customers. Allowing time to focus on the conversation instead of taking notes as fast as possible.

As a user, it’s fantastic to take live notes and go back to review, cut “snapshots” to share with our technical teams, and create collections for sales training and testimonials.”
Jared Herman
Director of Sales
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