Pickle Salesforce Integration
Pickle Salesforce Integration

Push Zoom meeting highlights to Salesforce

CRM notes directly from the source. Skip the phase where you ask reps to add meeting notes.

Goodbye deciphering notes, hello clear context.

Pickle delivers meeting clips & highlights right to Salesforce.

How Pickle works

How Pickle Works

What our customers are saying

Chris Barcus
Pickle solves two problems for us: training new reps and sharing product feedback to the team. It's been huge for out team to easily get insight to what we're hearing on the sales side of the house for the product team."
Chris Barcus
Chief Revenue Officer

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Focused meetings

Focus on the conversation, not scribbling notes & next steps.

Click to mark any key moment of a meeting. Once the Zoom ends, we’ll deliver the recording, a top-notch transcript, and AI-generated insights alongside your time-stamped notes straight to Salesforce.

Pickle Smart Notes for Zoom
Connect Pickle to Salesforce
Easy sync

Connect Pickle to Salesforce in two clicks

Seriously...with two button clicks you can have the power of every meeting clip & highlight sent straight to Salesforce for instant context.

Remember everything

Never forget a post-meeting task or follow-up again.

Never say “what did I mean by this note again?”. Re-live meeting highlights in seconds with a single click & get instant context days, weeks, months later.

Push Zoom meetings to Salesforce with Pickle
Pickle Zoom analytics
Relationship-driven data

Dig deeper with conversation insights.

Push key insights from past conversations to Salesforce. See trending topics like competitors, feature requests, & pricing. View the most engaging questions from every participant, talk ratios, & more.


How do I sync Salesforce with Pickle?
What data does Pickle push to/pull from Salesforce?

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