Pickle Smart Notes for Zoom App
Pickle Salesloft Integration

Capture & clip call recordings directly from Salesloft

Most cold calls end quickly, but there is tons of valuable data every minute. Transcribe & clip call recordings right from your Salesloft dialer.

How Pickle works

How Pickle Works

What our customers are saying

Melanie LaCombe
Pickle solves two problems for us: training new reps and sharing product feedback to the team. It’s been huge for our team to easily get insight to what we’re hearing on the sales side of the house for the product team.”
Chris Barcus
Chief Revenue Officer


Communicate with context

Let leadership & team hear your prospect’s exact words

Connect everyone to the real voice of your prospects & customers with Snapshots. Clip & share any customer feedback across internal teams. Snapshots tell a more powerful story than hearing it third-hand.

Pickle Smart Templates for Zoom
Pickle Smart Notes for Zoom
True visibility

Know what’s working for reps without joining every meeting.

Spot trends around competitor mentions, feature requests, and anything else you want to track with Markers and AI-generated analysis. Know exactly what customers need & close more deals.

Build Team Knowledge

Build single source of truth for team knowledge.

Browse, filter, search & find important highlights or entire recordings from team member’s Zoom meetings.  Instantly find & mark any moment in an entire transcript with Markers & Snapshots. Share anywhere the team lives.  

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Where do my call recordings show up?
Can you filter for specific calls?
What happens if I make a one-off dial in Salesloft?

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