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Sales Metrics that Score Big

For account executives and sales reps, the ultimate goal is to close deals - lots of deals!  Pickle’s artificial intelligence removes much of the guesswork from efficient and effective selling.  You know what works and what doesn’t because Pickle uses your own sales conversations.

The outstanding account executives are easy to spot.  On the flip side, weaknesses are obvious.  Pickle Power Search™ helps pinpoint the nuances and sales skills that work in your industry.

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Transcribe sales calls and demos to learn how account executives are doing. Record comments about the sales call to highlight key points.


Develop and test your sales talk tracks.


Review thousands of calls quickly for metrics from script adherence to the demonstration of empathy.


Hit sales numbers and goals.

Simplify Management With Pickle Automation

The heartbeat of every sales process is person-to-person interactions. Whether this is a cold call, discovery call, presentation, or a product demo:  every conversation is influential. 

Many account executives are overworking and suffering from off-the-shelf sales technology and tools.  It’s pretty much a pickle ( and not the good kind).

  • Do you know which words and phrases are the most powerful for your different buyers?
  • Can you find the conversations and timing that convert the best?
  • How long does it take to get new AEs onboarded and up to speed?
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Pickle solves all these challenges and many more

Talk Ratio

Find the ideal percentage of listening vs. talking time

Talk Tracks

Know which sales reps follow your speaking points and if they are effective

Best Communication

Determine the most compelling questions and discussion points to get the most from conversations


Share tribal knowledge from day one, and confirm all account executives understand it

Eliminate Time Wasters

Companies continue to add more and more tools to the sales tech stack. At some point, the professional sales technology distracts from productivity, the very purpose of the tool or software. AEs feel many of the tools are for management and not to enhance their success.

One tool that every sales tech stack must have is automated transcriptions.



  • No more manual data entry
  • Accurate classification of conversations
  • Save hours inputting data into your CRM



  • Content of calls automatically uploaded in your CRM
  • List of action items from sales conversations
  • Key questions from prospects
  • Record of call summaries
  • Critical tasks for account executive



  • Pinpoint objections using company communication and phone calls
  • Plan to handle & overcome sales challenges
  • Participate in targeted sales coaching based on AE communication

Crush Sales Targets with Pickle

Pickle gives you the data and insights to save money and find opportunities.

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