Sales Management

Conversation Intelligence to manage and analyze your sales team.

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Visibility Into the Complete Sales Process

Managing a sales team is much more than quotas and motivation.  The most successful sales leaders understand what their account executives, sales reps, and SDRs are doing. They hear the sales calls and presentations. They monitor how well the sales team nurtures leads, and the time it takes to close deals. Leaders recognize where and how their sales team members can perform better.

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Evaluate performance to find patterns of success


Cluster and define key phrases


Machine learning to tie process to results


Filter thousands of conversations to pinpoint key phrases and questions


Establish tribal knowledge


Monitor which reps said what and how often


Create custom trackers with Pickle Power Search™


Easily Drive KPIs

Pickle becomes an extension of your sales team. The algorithms learn from your communication and help optimize the process based on your industry and your unique sales system.

  • Quantity: How many opportunities are in the sales pipeline? How many are at each stage?
  • Size: How large is each opportunity? What is the average opportunity size? What is the average qualified opportunity size?
  • Velocity: How quickly do opportunities progress through each stage? Do they tend to stall at some stages, or move quickly through others?
  • Quality: How many opportunities offer enough value to offset the time and money that would need to be invested in that opportunity? (Translation: Is the juice worth the squeeze?)
  • Close rate: What percentage of active opportunities close each evaluation/bonus period?
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