You’ve got enough to worry about…

A massive quota to hit,
without big-player resources.

Hitting sales quota goal

A small (but mighty) sales team,
who wear every hat in the cycle.

Wearing multiple hats

Oh yeah…also stay on top of deals when
you can’t join every Zoom anymore.

Task & sales metric overload

Your reps need to create strong prospect
relationships to beat the competition.

But you don’t have bandwidth
to review every meeting
your team can’t
remember every deal-winning detail…

We believe:


Your reps should be present in conversations, not scribbling notes.

100% focus


You should have a pulse on every meeting, without sacrificing time.

Zoom meeting visibility


Your customer’s voice should be at the center of company decisions.

Hitting my goals
Casey Baum
Pickle is the easiest way to take meeting notes and keep track of my team's Zoom meetings.

Creating snapshots makes it super easy to keep tabs on the most important parts of any meeting."
Casey Baum
Head of Sales

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