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Record, transcribe, & share your Zoom Meetings today

Stop scribbling down notes & forcing robotic agendas. Focus on your Zoom meeting, build lasting relationships & let Pickle capture every crucial detail.

Pickle automatically records, transcribes, and analyzes your Zoom meetings.

How Pickle works

How Pickle Works

What our customers are saying

Melanie LaCombe
Pickle allows me to easily take notes, mark important moments with time-stamps during my meetings, & quickly review those moments. Ensuring I’ve got the best follow-up material possible.

Active listening is key in sales. With Pickle, I'm able to focus on the conversation while capturing key details to refer back to my client's specific comments with confidence.”
Melanie LaCombe
Account Executive

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True Visibility

Stop copy/pasting agendas before every meeting.

Create custom agenda templates, automatically apply for any specific meeting type, & never forget a talking point again. Click any topic during a live Zoom to mark & save the key moment.

Pickle Smart Templates for Zoom
Pickle Smart Notes for Zoom
Focused meetings

Focus on the conversation, not scribbling notes & next steps.

Click to mark any key moment of a meeting. Once the Zoom ends, we’ll deliver the recording, a top-notch transcript, and AI-generated insights alongside your time-stamped notes.

Remember everything

Never forget a post-meeting task or follow-up again.

Fire off deal-winning follow-ups instantly. Jump to key moments in the audio/video recording & transcript with a simple click on any note. Re-live Zoom highlights in seconds, copy/paste ‘em straight to your follow-up email.

Pickle Zoom transcription page
Pickle Zoom analytics
Relationship-driven data

Dig deeper with conversation insights.

Host more productive Zooms with access to key insights from past conversations. See trending topics like competitors, feature requests, & pricing. View the most engaging questions from every participant, talk ratios, & more.

Knowledge database

Easily access any recording, ever.

Access a library of all your Zoom meeting transcripts. Filter, search, & find any Zoom recording & transcript highlight in seconds. Edit recording file names and assign participants with ease.

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